Facilities Healthcare Engineers Association FHEA

The purpose of the Facilities and Healthcare Engineers Association (FHEA) is to advance the development of engineering and facilities management in all types of facilities. This organization is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes and is not for profit. Our membership is comprised of facility engineers and maintenance professionals from industrial buildings, school systems, commercial buildings, universities, and healthcare facilities. We offer an unparalleled opportunity to network with people in the same field and to learn the latest in efficient building operation, current upcoming trends, and applying the best technology to an ever-changing environment.

​​About us

HC Info Water Management Plan (WMP) Partner

We have partnered with HC Info to provide WMPs because we believe HC Info's plans are of the highest quality and credibility. You will get a WMP from a third-party expert that sells no chemicals, equipment, or laboratory services. HC Info’s LAMPS web-based application for WMPs is used by several companies and some of the top water experts in the world, which will add credibility and defensibility to your WMP. HC Info is not a water treatment supplier and does not provide cooling, boiler or wastewater treatment chemicals.

Environmental Water, ltd., is a veteran owned water treatment supplier, and is a highly regarded water treatment chemical and service company with special emphasis on Chemical Treatment Programs for boilers, cooling systems industrial wastewater, and reverse osmosis systems. We are the water treatment experts in the tri-state of Ohio, Michigan &  Indiana.

Headquartered in wood county, Ohio, our current customer base includes a wide variety of manufacturers(plastic, chemical, automotive), food processing plants, health care facilities, colleges and universities, retirement communities, school districts and office buildings.

The company was founded by John Wade, in 2001. John has over 25 years of experience in boiler & cooling water treatment and still works as a consultant helping younger water treaters gain important technical and sales skills to further help the industry.

National Veteran-Owned Business Association

NaVOBA’s Mission is simple — to create opportunities for all of America’s veteran-owned businesses. More than 3 million men and women who have defended our nation’s freedoms by serving in America’s armed forces have made the choice to start their own small businesses after their military service. We call them vetrepreneurs. Envionmental Water, ltd., is a veteran owned business.

Eastern Technologies, Inc. - Network Distributor

A network of water treatment professionals representing over 25 participating companies. The network affiliation fosters an environment of team spirit where company owners/managers excel in working in friendly cooperation as opposed to competition.  Environmental Water, ltd. is a partner in the Eastern Technologies, Incorporated family of distributors, which provides access to the latest technologies as well as unmatched product formulation and technical support.

Association of Water Technologies

Since it was founded in 1985, the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) has focused on helping members succeed in the water treatment industry. We supply over 550 company members with the tools and skills they need to provide their clients with the highest quality service — helping them extend equipment life, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce downtime.