We recommend that you implement a comprehensive and defensible Legionella water management plan (WMP) for the following reasons:
1. to minimize the risk of Legionnaires' disease for your employees, guests, patients, and residents
2. to comply with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015
3. to protect your organization's image
4. to minimize your legal risk

The WMP helps you manage your plumbing systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs, and other building water systems to minimize Legionella bacteria.

HC Info Water Management Plan (WMP) and Sampling Partner

We have partnered with HC Info to provide WMPs because we believe HC Info's plans are of the highest quality and credibility. You will get a WMP from a third-party expert that sells no chemicals, equipment, or laboratory services. HC Info’s LAMPS web-based application for WMPs is used by several companies and some of the top water experts in the world, which will add credibility and defensibility to your WMP. 

Government agencies and industry groups in 20+ countries agree that…
•Waterborne Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaires' disease
​•Minimizing Legionella in building water systems is the best strategy for reducing the risk of disease

•Building water systems should be managed to minimize Legionella

Why HC Info / LAMPS and Environmental Water, ltd., 

•Control measures based on HC Info's expertise and unbiased objectivity industry

•Credibility recognized by outside sources

•Built-in peer review and user-friendly online system

•Time saving plan development, implementation, documentation, and reporting tools makes the investment worth it

Legionella Water Management Plans

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 requires a Water Management Program (WMP) for…

•Cooling towers     •Whirlpool spas     •Ornamental fountains     •Misters
•Air washers     •Humidifiers     •Plumbing systems in buildings with risk factors

Why it's important to have a managed program... 

•Be a good corporate citizen by reducing the risk of disease for your employees, guests, patients, tenants, and residents
•Reduce your legal risk
•Protect your organization’s brand, image, and revenue

Environmental Water, ltd., is a preferred WMP partner 

​​•We have a specialist on the team specifically certified in Legionella ​WMPs

•We create and assist with managing facilities' Legionella water management plans​

​•We conduct Legionella sampling and are Sampling Partners with HC Info, using a CDC ELITE lab to process the samples we collec​​t

•We can help you determine which actions you are already doing that fit into the plan to make sure you aren't creating extra work for yourselves

Through our service, we offer you the opportunity to leave the plan development to us so you can spend your time on the implementation.

Send your Legionella questions to our Public Health Manager at erica@ewero.com or give us a call at 419-352-6163!